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Introducing SAILOR Born 3/27/16 (11th Generation Australian Labradoodle with parentage back to Tegan Park and Rutland Manor)


img_3462 sailor16 img_0039img_3651

SAILOR has passed all her health testing!  OFA xrays (for hips and elbows) scored a "Good, PRA Prc'd results were normal, vWD negative due to parental testing.   SAILOR stands approximately 20" at the shoulders and weighs 30lbs.  She has a beautiful, non-shedding fleece coat that is silky soft to the touch and is red in color.   SAILOR is capable of producing reds, some with white markings like she has on her chest, and possibly creams and apricot creams, depending who the sire is that I will breed her with.

SAILOR loves her walks down to our subvision park and sandy beach area, loves boating, swimming, and being with my family (she is my dog, I am her owner and guardian), and lives for her daily rough-housing sessions with my other girl Willow, they are inseparable!  SAILOR at 16 weeks knew and understand all of her basic commands, including come, stay, down, off, fetch and release and by 16 weeks of age knew where her bathroom was!

SAILOR has a very loving personality and the joy of being a puppy continues to shine through! Our many neighbors love her to death and stop over often to play with her :)



RUBY! Spirited, Smart, and Oh So Sweet! Born 3/19/2014


RUBY is a 9th generation Australian Labradoodle; the parents of this beautiful girl are our adorable BINDIE and that stunning DUBLIN!

RUBY was bred for her stellar personality as well as her lush non-shedding fleece (straight) red coat. Her stocky, blocky body is perfectly proportioned and what we strive for at Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection! When bred to our charming MAVERICK, or our good old boy KEEPER, I am expecting both medium and mini sized puppies from either pair.

RUBY is cleared by parentage of PRA Prc'd and vWD; RUBY was tested for IC Coat and is clear, as well as all her other testing, which has been completed with flying colors!

RUBY will grow to be about 16" tall at the shoulders and weighs approximately 20 pounds.  RUBY resides with a wonderful guardian family that adores her and treats her like the princess she is!  Pictures showing RUBY's coat short or long, whatever your preference, she looks adorable both ways!








paisley1Meet PAISLEY, she was born 6/15/14

She comes to us with both Tegan Park and Rutland Manor lines in her pedigree; a true Australian Multigen (10th generation) Australian Labradoodle! PAISLEY has grown to a medium in size, weighing in the 23-25 pound range and standing 17" at the shoulders.

PAISLEY'S eyes sparkle with charm and curiosity; she's loved by her guardian family and loves the attention when meeting new people :)  Her guardian family has made it a priority to continue her in dog classes and she is the star by far gaining respect from her classmates!  PAISLEY is very smart and loves to please her guardian family!

I'm thrilled to report PAISLEY received the highest score from the OFA for her hips, she received an EXCELLENT!  This guarantees her offspring will have very healthy hips, no hip dysplasia there!  Elbows were normal. PRA Prc'd, vWD has been ruled out with parental testing, IC coat clear.

PAISLEY has a non-shedding, allergy-friendly fleece or straight coat. PAISLEY is red in color and is capable of throwing colors to include reds, apricots, creams, and white puppies.

PAISLEY produced her first litter of pups in the spring of, 2016 with some of the most gorgeous puppies to date!






MICAH is just 12 weeks old in his "puppy picture".  MICAH is very intelligent, at 8 weeks of age he would come when called, sit, lay down, and was completely housebroken. MICAH has stolen my heart; he is so affectionate, adorable and loves the outdoors!

MICAH lives with a wonderful guardian family which includes 5 children to love and be loved by. Well adjusted puppies come from well-adjusted parents, and that is what you can expect from MICAH.  This Australian Labradoodle breed loves to swim, boat, or anything to do with the water as we have experienced first hand over the summers at the lake.

MICAH has grown to a medium in size. He is very stocky and thick boned which brings out a very "labby" look in his puppies and he has the most stunning non-shedding, allergy friendly coat we have ever produced.  MICAH stands about 18" at the shoulders, and weighs 30 pounds.  He has a red coat, and a fantastic stop (nose).  MICAH's parents are our adorable DARCY bred to the ever so handsome DUBLIN.  With DUBLIN having retired this year, MICAH will be carrying on the DUBLIN line as our new stud.

MICAH has finished his health testing and has sired a number of litters so far that were just beautiful, he has completed his CERF and CBC, and has both his hips and elbows certified through the OFA with a wonderful score of "good" for breeding! MICAH has been cleared through parentage for vWD and PRA Prc'd and tested for the IC gene.

Don't hesitate to get your application in soon to get on my waitlist for a future puppy from this beautiful stud!





addie puppy img_3621img_4158

I am so thrilled to enhance my breeding program with this MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ADDIE!   ADDIE is the offspring of Barley Mae and Chance. ADDIE is beyond adored by her guardian family who has provided her with obedience and socialization classes as a pup that has done great things for her; ADDIE loves to please and it shows in her eyes!   Her family lives on a lake which offers ADDIE the chance to swim, lots of boating and plenty of socialization opportunities!  Walks include much attention from friends and neighbors who ask, "where did you get her from"!

ADDIE is a 11th generation Australian Labradoodle with direct descendants from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia!  ADDIE should max out at around 24lbs and approxiamtely 17" at the shoulders.  Health testing is completed and ADDIE has been cleared by parentage for vWD, PRA Prc'd, and has received a score of "good" from the OFA for testing on her hips and elbows. ADDIE has a beautiful non-shedding and allergy friendly coat that is silky feeling to the touch!

I'm very excited to say ADDIE is due to deliver her 1st litter in November 2017, carrying on Barley Mae's genes is exciting, as her mama Barley Mae is such an outstand dog and she should produce too such wonderful pups






Introducing HARLEY! Born 3/27/16

HARLEY is the offspring of ALMC's Breezie and Dapper Dan and is the sister to Sailor above.  Even though her name is HARLEY, she's a girl :) HARLEY has passed all her health testing like the pro she is! PRA Prc'd and vWD results were cleared by parental testing.  Hips and elbows were cleared by the OFA with a score of "EXCELLENT"!  HARLEY stands approximately 17" at the shoulders, and weighs 30 pounds, a perfect medium :)

HARLEY has a beautiful, allergy friendly, non-shedding fleece coat (straight), that is red in color with beautiful white markings!  HARLEY is capable of producing litters that will carry for creams, reds, and apricots, she's Bbee.  HARLEY lives with a wonderful guardian family that takes her on regular 2 mile walks, the family gets stopped frequently by people asking where they got her from!   HARLEY is enrolled in obedience classes and is easily catching on to new commands each week, she is very smart!  HARLEY just delivered her 1st litter of 8 puppies on 10/19/17 so stay alert to new announcements of her being bred again in the future as her puppies got snatched up very quickly!

img_harley_2 harley2

harley 16wks img_2387


Introducing BESOS! Born 11/23/15

BESOS is our "black beauty"!  BESOS lives in a loving guardian family with two other of my guardian dogs, aside from the two other dogs she also resides with four human siblings, so she gets lots of love and attention!  BESOS is a mini in size weighing 14lbs and stands 15" at the shoulders.screen shot 2016-07-22 at 1.36.24 pmscreen shot 2016-07-22 at 1.38.54 pmscreen shot 2016-07-22 at 1.40.32 pm


BESOS is the offspring of ALMC's Micah and ALMC's Billie Jean. BESOS has been health tested for hips and elbow dysplasia through the OFA and passed with flying colors!  BESOS has been cleared by parentage for PRA Prc'd as well as vWD being clear.  BESOS is capable of producing both black and reds as her daddy Micah has a beautiful red coat!  Stay turned for this girls first breeding in the near future!  An added plus with BESOS is that her human mom is my wonderful and loving trainer Robynn!



Introducing BARLEY MAE, born 9/6/14.

BARLEY’S health test results for hips and elbows from the OFA are fair for hip joint conformation and negative for elbow dysplasia, perfect for being a breeding girl!  PRA Prc’d results are normal, vWD negative through parental testing. Barley Mae has also been tested for Hair Furnishings DNA and she has a "correct" coat I'm happy to report!  We look forward to breeding this Australian Princess!  BARLEY is the offspring of my amazing BREEZIE and handsome stud KEEPER, she stands approximately 20” at the shoulders, and is considered a large medium in size, she weighs approximately 30lbs.  She has a beautiful, non-shedding fleece coat, that is apricot cream in color, when bred to my new studs she should throw lovely, larger puppies in the red family!  BARLEY is capable of producing creams, reds, and apricots.  BARLEY loves her walks, being with family, which consists of 4 kids and romping outside with her other two, four-legged siblings, Besos and Breezie!  BARLEY also knew and understood all of her basic commands by 8 weeks of age, sit, stay, down, off, (no jumping on people) and come, as well as understood where her bathroom was, she’s very smart!  BARLEY has a warm, loving disposition and it shows in the offspring she has produced for us, she's an excellent mom!  BARLEY MAE has produced her 2 litters for us, stay tuned for more litters!



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